Original photographic prints may be ordered directly from Nathan McCreery. We request payment in full via check or money order made out to Nathan McCreery. Please don't forget to add appropriate postage as indicated below, and be sure to indicate the size and title of each image ordered (you may print out our custom order form and include it with your payment if you wish).

All original black and white prints are personally printed and signed by photographer Nathan McCreery. All prints come dry mounted on appropriate size 100% rag, white museum quality board and include a matching bevel-cut window overmat. All prints are prepared to meet archival standards. Prints are currently being made in limited editions and are numbered and documented on the back of the mounts. The actual print sizes indicated below are only approximate. Mr. McCreery reserves the right to adjust the actual print size depending on the particular image for maximum appeal. Mount sizes are fixed, however. Please note that frames are not included in the prices below.

Color prints up to 20" x 24" are printed by Nathan McCreery and are Ilfochrome prints. These prints are then dry mounted on an appropriate substroco and are then overmatted with archival board in either gallery white , very light gray or off white. Ilfochrome prints are the most archival color material available.

Mat Size      Print Size (approx)   Price

20" x 24"     10" x 13"                       $450
22" x 28"     15" x 19"                       $750
28" x 34"     18" x 23"                       $850

**Not all prints are available in all sizes. Larger sizes available upon request.

Please add $10 per print to cover the cost of shipping and handling. For orders shipped to Canada, please add $20 shipping and handling per each print. Original prints are made on a "per order" basis, so please allow four to six weeks for delivery.

Please make all checks or money orders (made out in US funds) payable to Nathan McCreery and mail to:
Nathan McCreery
2400 North Prince
Clovis, NM 88101

To simplify ordering prints or posters by check or money order, you may print our custom order form, fill in the information, and include it with your payment.

For more information contact Nathan McCreery at the address above, via e-mail, or phone (505)762-9856.

Language of Light
Here are the class notes used by Nathan in his university art classes and when he leads workshops. This is information distilled from over 25 years of teaching in the classroom, teaching workshops, attending workshops with some of the world's finest photographers, and field experience.

Some of the topics covered are:
   • Using the Zone System
   • Using Filters
   • Printing with multi-contrast papers
   • Processing black and white film
   • The use of electronic flash
   • Using light to your advantage
   • And, why "rules of composition" are bogus and should be ignored, if not given a villains burial!

Each page of printed information is faced by a full page for you to record your personal notes etc.

If you are interested in improving your photography, you need this notebook. The price $25.00 plus shipping.

$35.00 plus actual shipping cost