Nimbus Fine Art Photography Workshops
Offering opportunities for personal and artistic growth to the individual artist in an informal atmosphere, through field sessions, group discussions and critiques with established masters.

Nathan McCreery: Photographer, educator, artist. Nathan McCreery has won many awards for his photographic stylings including several "Gallery Awards" from Kodak as well as the "Photographer's Showcase" award also from Kodak. Additionally, he was selected as the international grand prize winner in Kodak's "Quest for Extremes" contest which was used to roll out their new "Polymax Paper".

Nathan has been involved in photography for over 25 years both as an assignment commercial photographer, in the area of portrait photography and now as a "fine art" photographer. Nothing exists in a vacuum and Nathan now uses information and techniques used in these fields as he creates photographs which are emotionally statisfying and which will uplift the human spirit.

He also has been involved in photographic education for 20 years, both as a guest lecturer in art, and teaching at Eastern New Mexico University and at Clovis Community College where he designed the darkroom and much of the curriculum.

Nathan has studied the art of photography with several masters including John Sexton, Bruce Barnbaum, Jay Dusard and the late Morley Baer.

The Lake Powell Artist's Workshop

This workshop is unique among our offerings in that we encourage artists in all visual disciplines to attend. It is interesting to see how different types of visual art lend themselves to this incredible area. Although it is intended primarily for the photographer, and it is planned to meet the needs of the photographer, we have had watercolorists, pastel painters, and even architects enrolled. Whatever your visual art, you are welcome.

In this workshop we will be based in the Lake Powell area of Northern Arizona/Southern Utah. From this base we will poke and prod into several of the less well known locations in the region. Some of these may include a spot I call "Stonehenge in the Desert", a small area with a big potential, as well as the monumental Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River. Last year wet weather forced us to go to Zion National Park. As far as I am concerned this is the Crown Jewel of our national park system; I wouldn't rule out a return this year. And of course no trip to this area would be complete without a journey to Lower Antelope Canyon.

Creativity is hard work (very)! It makes excessive demands upon your spirit, soul, and body. It is also "FUN" with a capital "F" and very satisfying. This workshop will push you to the limits with group discussions, field sessions, and individual critiques.

We will be based in Page Arizona. More information will be available upon enrollment. Moderately priced motels are available as well as camping facilities if you are so inclined.

The Big Bend Winter Workshop

One of the West's premier winter time photographic areas, offering opportunities ranging from the Chihuahuan desert to sub alpine forests. Sometimes you can even get lucky and be there for a rare winter snowstorm over the classically rugged Chisos mountains. This much is certain! You don't even want to be close to this place in July; but in the winter it is a treat, offering an amazing range of possibilities.

We will explore some of the more "off the beaten path" areas such as Ernst Tinaja, with its unearthly sandstone forms and water pools which are permanent, even in this blast furnace. Other destinations could be Grapevine Spring, with its strangely eroded boulders and Javalina Wash below Burro Mesa, a veritable pallette of color, in the right light. Of course no trip to this area would be complete without a trip to Santa Elena Canyon. This is an easy hike into a huge fissure in the earth's crust which allows the Rio Grande river passage to the Gulf of Mexico, several hundred miles further downstream.

This is an area so remote and wild that a friend of mine said, "even the jackrabbits carry sack lunches". That may or may not be true; what I do know is that it is an area which promises a lot, and it keeps its promises.

Lodging will be arranged for you in nearby Study (local pronounciation is Stoody) Butte, or you can arrange your own. Also, don't forget your swimsuit or shorts. This area has several hot springs, reputededly with medicinal qualities.